Outdoor Cat Spay & Neuter

Two stray cats walking along a fence on a sunny day.

Williamson County residents receive free spay and neuter for all outdoor cats, there are no income qualifications or restrictions.  Low cost services available to out-of-county residents, restrictions apply.

This includes: Family Pets that spend ANY TIME outdoors; socially friendly outdoor cats; semi-feral; and feral cats (unfriendly to humans, but thriving.)

All cats receiving a free spay or neuter through any program at WCAC will also be eartipped and microchipped for identification. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Trap-Neuter Release (TNR)

A community program that sterilizes outdoor cats and returns them to their homes is often called TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release). TNR is the industry standard for controlling cat population, and assures healthy outdoor cats continue to strive. Learn more about the advantages of TNR programs for cats and humans.

These free roaming cats are also called Community Cats

Following the free spay & neuter surgery, all outdoor cats are returned to the same location they were trapped. 

To meet the current demand for spay/neuter procedures, services for animals outside of Williamson County have been temporarily suspended.  Please continue to check back for updates.