Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

Two stray cats walking along a fence on a sunny day.

FREE Spay/Neuter Program for Community Cats

Benefits of TNR

Lowers the number of cats more effectively than euthanasia

Prevents unwanted litters of kittens

Reduces shelter admission, crowding and disease.

Lowers shelter operating costs.

Improves the lives of community cats.

Males no longer try to maintain a large territory and fight over mates. Females no longer have to give birth and fend for their young.

Mating behaviors, such as yowling, spraying, fighting and roaming cease.

By returning to their territory, any lost cats are more likely to find their way back home.

Free Services

Any Williamson County resident may trap a community cat and bring it to the shelter Monday-Thursday from 10am to 6pm.  If needed, trap rental (refundable) and instructions are available.  Trappers agree to return the cat to its original neighborhood location.

Starting February 1, 2020, feral, unmanageable cats in HUMANE TRAPS may be brought in from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM to to receive same day spay/neuter services. Cats in airline carriers, dog crates, boxes and makeshift crates will not be accepted.

These cats will receive spay/neuter, rabies shot (if 12 weeks or older), microchip, and eartip. Due to the limitations of the TNR program, no other veterinary services will be provided. The purpose of this program is to stabilize the outdoor cat population of the area and improve the lives of those cats already existing. These cats will not be removed or relocated, as these are not effective methods to reduce the outdoor cat population.

Need help with outdoor cats on your property? Tell us more!

Apply for FREE spay/neuter services for stray outdoor cats in Williamson County with our TNR Questionnaire.

**If you need on-site assistance with trapping outdoor cats, please note that WCAC cannot fulfill all requests and are subject to volunteer availability.