Volunteer Application

A composite of several dog volunteers in the shape of a heart with the word love in the middle

​Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are vital to the well-being and adoptability of the animals cared for at Williamson County Animal Center.  There are three general categories of volunteer opportunities:

  1. Weekly Cat OR Dog Volunteers
  2. Required Community Service (Court-Ordered or “Tennessee Promise” School Service)
  3. Group Service Projects

Weekly Cat or Dog Volunteers

To volunteer with cats you must be 14 years of age or older, 16 for dogs; you must choose one or the other.  You must be prepared to complete training and willing to be an active volunteer.  To remain on the active roster, volunteers must fulfill a minimum of two hours per week.  This helps ensure that the animals receive much-needed structure during their stay at the Center.

There are many to ways to contribute for those who are unable to commit to the minimum requirements:

PLEASE NOTE:  Volunteering with cats and dogs is in extremely high demand, we have been working off a wait list for training all year long.  As all of the training slots for September and October are already full, we are suspending training temporarily.  We will be moving to our new location in November, and need to train all of our current volunteers on the traffic patterns, protocols and procedures for the new building.  Training is essential for teaching volunteers the skills needed to provide best care for the pets and maintain safety.

We expect to resume training in early 2022 and will reach out to all applicants in the order their application was received.  So, if you remain interested we encourage you to fill out the application.  You will receive a confirmation email that is was received and that you have automatically been put on the wait list.  

After training is completed, volunteer activities include (but are not limited to) playing with cats, walking dogs, socializing shy animals, grooming animals, helping with adoption events, helping adopters find their perfect pet, kennel care/cleaning up after animals, assembling adoption carriers, helping with social media content, and miscellaneous administrative duties.

Children who are not old enough to volunteer on their own may be a “volunteer apprentice” by accompanying a parent or guardian who is an active volunteer.  For safety reasons, some activities limitations apply for apprentices.

To apply to become an active cat or dog volunteer, please complete the online form and review the volunteer handbook

When your application is received, you will receive an email with a link to an online orientation video.  Please be sure to check your SPAM folder if you do not receive a response to your application within 2-3 business days.  Please expect to wait a minimum of 30 days for a training date to become available.  Once you have watched the video, more instructions will be provided.

Submitting the application does NOT make you an active volunteer, you must complete training to participate in weekly volunteer activities.

Required Community Service (Court-Ordered or "Tennessee Promise" School Service)

Anyone who wishes to volunteer at the Center in order to fulfill service hours as ordered by the Court or as needed to complete educational requirements must contact Angela at (615) 790-5590, ext. 1034 or communityservice@williamsoncounty-tn.gov to schedule those hours, no walk-ins are accepted.

Be sure to allow for several weeks to fulfill your service requirements.  Required service activities include (but are not limited to) cleaning, laundry, general facility upkeep, landscaping, etc.  They do NOT include working with animals.

​Group Service Projects

If you are interested in organizing a service project for your work, civic, church, scout, or any other group, please contact Scott at (615) 790-5590, ext. 8547 or scott.pieper@williamsoncounty-tn.gov in advance to discuss opportunities.