Volunteer Application

A female volunteer with a cat

We have three ways to volunteer for the shelter.

1. Community Service (Court Ordered), Tennessee Promise (School Service Hours)
2. Weekly Cat or Dog Volunteers
3. Corporate Service Projects

Please read below for further details.

Community Service (Court-Ordered), Tennessee Promise, School-Required Hours

Anyone who must fulfill required hours of court-ordered or other required community service by working at the shelter should contact Angela at 615-790-5590, ext. 1034 or communityservice@williamsoncounty-tn.gov to schedule those hours. Be sure to allow several weeks to fulfill hours. These types of community service hours cannot be fulfilled by working with the animals; it consists of laundry, dishes, landscaping, and similar work. We no longer offer these hours on weekends.

Become a weekly Cat or Dog Volunteer
NOTE: 8/13/20: Due to high demand, the training program for new dog volunteers is temporarily suspended. When we resume training new dog volunteers, any applications submitted will be processed in order and applicants will be contacted to schedule training. 

Activities include, but are not limited to: Offsite adoption events, adoption counseling, walking dogs, working with shy cats or dogs, folding laundry, bathing, brushing, photography, video, folding cardboard litterboxes, scooping poop, and assembling cardboard cat carriers. 

Minimum age requirements:
Cat Volunteer: 14 years
Dog Volunteer: 16 years

If younger, an adult (parent or legal guardian) must attend all training with the child and accompany the child while volunteering at the shelter or event. The child is an an "apprentice" and the adult would be the actual volunteer if the child is under the minimum age. There are safety limitations for underage volunteers.

To apply to be a trained dog or cat volunteer, please complete our online form and review the volunteer handbook.

You do not need to do anything after you submit the application. If classes are available, you will receive an email with a link to our online orientation course and instructions for how to sign up for training. If no classes are currently available, your name will be retained and you will be contacted at a later date for training. Please be aware that due to the amount of training, we are requiring a commitment of regular volunteer service of 2 hours a week year round. 

Service Projects

If your civic, scout, church or business group would like to do a service project at or for the shelter, please contact Debbie at
volunteer@williamsoncounty-tn.gov in advance to discuss the possible projects.