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1. Can I do court ordered or school required community service at your shelter?
2. Does your shelter have a wish list?
3. Are you the same as Animal Control? Or a Humane Society?
4. Where do your animals come from?
5. Are you a no kill shelter?
6. Do you give vaccinations to the public?
7. Who qualifies for your services?
8. What all can I do when my animal goes missing?
9. I adopted a pet, but have questions.
10. How do you determine the age/breed of a stray?
11. Why can’t you take in my animal or stray that I found over the weekend?
12. When I adopt, what vaccination/medications had my animal received?
13. I adopted an animal from you, and now I can no longer keep them. What do I do?
14. Help, I found orphan kittens! What do I do?