Cat Trapping Guide

Feral and semi-feral cats must be trapped for safety reasons. Williamson County Animal Center has safe, humane traps FOR RENT to assist homeowners in catching cats for the free semi-feral and feral cat drop-in clinics. Traps may be rented from the shelter for a $50 refundable deposit.

Drop-in Same Day Clinics

Trapped Feral, unmanageable cats are accepted at the shelter for a free spay / neuter on a walk-in basis Monday-Friday, from 8:30am-9:30am. MUST BE IN A TRAP *no carriers, crates, boxes or makeshift crates allowed. 

All captured cats brought in by citizens will be spayed or neutered AT NO CHARGE at the shelter, ear-tipped and vaccinated. Cats are to be picked up by their trapper the same day between 4:00pm and 6:00pm for return to their communities.  For more information on trapping, read the WCAC Feral Cat Trapping Guide

According to WCAC Community Cat program coordinator Samantha Anderson, trap-neuter-return (TNR) is the best way to reduce the cat population and can eliminate many nuisance behaviors. “TNR improves the lives of cats, reduces shelter admissions, disease and unwanted kittens,” she said. “But, in order to be effective, it must be a community-wide effort that extends beyond our staff. Citizens are encouraged to report community cats and participate in the TNR process.”

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