Nuisance Wildlife

Do you have nuisance wildlife on your property such as moles, raccoons, opossums, etc.? Our Animal Control Officers are not able to remove them from your property, however, you may rent a humane trap from us at the Front Desk for a $50 deposit. Once you have trapped the animal, it is your responsibility to relocate the animal.
If you have an animal on your property that is showing signs of rabies, please call us to speak with an Animal Control Officer.
Wildlife Removal Specialists in the Franklin/Nashville Area:
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
PH: 616-781-6622
Wild Things Wildlife Removal
PH: 615-481-6807
PH: 615-692-4909
Affordable Wildlife Services LLC
Critter Control
PH: 615-697-4662
Trapper Jack Wildlife Specialist
PH: 615-489-6000